Which SongStarz Musical is right for you?

Which SongStarz musical is the best for you? You can choose from the following:

Option Cast Size No of Speaking Parts No of Songs Students can perform own songs in the ‘live show’ Running Time Ratio of Acting to Singing Directors notes, backdrops, etc provided
1 Large Approx 18 14 Yes** Approx 1hr 10 mins About 50:50 Y
2 Medium to Large Approx 18* 8 Yes Approx 45 mins About 30:70 Y
3 Small to Large Approx 18* 3+ Yes Approx 30 mins About





* Fewer lines all round than SongStarz – The Musical

** It’s possible to include student written songs in the main musical if you want to – but, there’s an extra layer of activity there in helping them write songs…. ultimately up to you…

So you can choose between…

  1. SongStarz – The Musical
  2. SongStarz – The Live Show, has compressed story using a narrator and fewer musical songs.  For the ‘live show’ you can either use only SongStarz songs, have a mix of SongStarz and student songs, or use all student written songs for the ‘live show’– apart from Secret Agent which stays in for the closing ‘live show’ song)
  3. SongStarz – Songwriters Showcase (Student songs/SongStarz  ‘Act’ songs and three SongStarz songs (Cutie Catz – Secret Agent, Magda – Come What May, All – Gotta Be)

The pack you receive includes Script, Directors Notes (including props/costume/lighting schedule), Digital Backdrops, Lead Sheets, Lyric Sheets and Karaoke Video’s.

To help your students write their own songs, you’ll receive a SongStarz ‘songwriting pack’ including:

  • Band/Artist names to choose from – or students can make up or use their own.
  • Backing tracks for students to choose from to ‘topline’ write over and the chord charts for them.
  • Popular chord progression suggestions, if students want to create their own songs from scratch.
  • Songwriting tips and prompts to help students come up with lyrics.

Of course, even if a student comes up with a song, they don’t have to perform it. They can get someone else to, or, not perform it at all so the songwriting is an activity that can be done alongside, even if the students don’t perform in the end.

NOTE: If you add or substitute your own students songs into the ‘Live Show’ then you’ll need to tweak the script and create a backdrop for them – there are indicators in the scripts of where you might want to do this.  You can either take one of the SongStarz Acts out of the ‘live show’ (Except for the Cutie Catz – they are always at the end with ‘Secret Agent’) or just add them in, amending the script as necessary.

It’s straightforward, but, if you’d rather, you can send us the list of student songs and ‘acts’ and we’ll weave them in for you and send you a new script.

The backdrops are easily amended in powerpoint.