SongStarz – The Musical

SongStarz – The Musical runs at approximately 1hr and 10 mins. It has 18 speaking parts and 14 songs and the ensemble can be as big or as small as you like.


Act 1 Songs – First Come What May (Magda and Agents), Second Come What  May (Magda and Agents), Freak On (Lola, Issy and Cass), Wouldn’t It Be Great (Lola, Issy and Cass), The Good Old Days (Magda, McManus and the Major), Who Do They Think They Are (Gustav), DeSilva’s Lament (DeSilva), Very Bad Man (DeSilva, Jones and Gang), Above The Clouds (Lola, Issy and Cass).

Act 2 Songs – SPAM! (Magda), Gotta Be (Magda, McManus, Major, Agents), Frozen (Issy), Helping Hand (Elena), Supersonic (The Blue Funk Monkeys), Secret Agent (Lola, Issy and Cass), Finale (Come What May/Gotta Be)

Read the first 3 scenes HERE!

Read the Director’s notes for the first 3 scenes HERE!

Song and Backdrop Montage…

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