Gig Review – Nothing But Thieves

By Ruby Eastwood


On Friday the 10th of November, my friend Lauren and I ventured to Nottingham to watch Nothing But Thieves at Rock City.

The band of five (Conor, Joe, Dom, Phil and James), all play different instruments and are an English alternative rock band from Essex who definitely know how to sell out a venue!

My friend and I have been avid fans of the band since they first came onto the music scene back in 2012, when they supported another rock band Twin Atlantic on their tour round the UK.  Since then, we have made it our mission to go to each show they play at, even if they’re at a festival.

Going to a gig in general I find quite a thrilling experience, it gives you the opportunity to stop worrying about the real world for an hour or two and focus solely on the music you love.

I like going to see Nothing But Thieves because they always know how to put on a good show. The crowd sings to their set list, which is always a mixture of upbeat radio anthems and slow sad songs.

Regardless of the tempo, every song is sung as loud as possible.

The increasing popularity of the band means they speak less towards the audience when they’re on stage, and play bigger venues which makes the experience as a whole is a lot less intimate.

As a major fan of the band, I would highly recommend going to see one of their shows. Whether that is at an intimate gig or at a crowded festival, they are a band that knows how to rock! They’re songs are catchy and fun to listen or sing along to.

Their latest release, a song called ‘Particles’ is perfect example of the top class music produced by this band. Find the video for it HERE

To keep up with the bands latest events, gigs and general information their band social media accounts can be found below


Twitter: @NBThieves,

Instagram: nothingbutthieves

Facebook: Nothing But Thieves

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