Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire but grew up in Suffolk.  Ed has always pursued a career in music singing in youth choirs and learning to play the guitar at a young age.  Before becoming famous, he worked as a guitar technician for fellow English musician Nizlopi.

At the age of 18, Ed attended the Academy of Contemporary Music to study at undergraduate level.

Ed’s first EP, released in 2010 was entitled Loose Change and featured the song ‘The A Team’. This would go on to be a hit.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ed was asked ‘Is there a song you’re most proud of at this moment?’ Ed said ‘The A Team’ was the song he was proudest of, saying it won an award called an Ivor Novello; this is an award to ‘celebrate, honour and reward excellence in songwriting and composing’ and is voted for by songwriters and composers.

Ed’s three major albums consist of happy sing-a-long songs. Arguably, his song ‘The A Team’ is perhaps his most well known song, one that always pops into our head when we think of him.

After releasing his third album ‘÷’, Ed is not set to release anything new right now, however, his website lists his upcoming tour dates.

In a YouTube video, titled ‘Ed Sheeran’s Top 10 Rules For Success’, some of his tips for people wanting to pursue a career in the music industry include; ‘Just be you’, ‘Learn from others’ and ‘Do something different’.

I consider Ed Sheeran to be an inspiration as I think he accurately represents what can happen when you truly put all of your effort into something.  All of his lyrics come from experience and he knows exactly how he wants to be represented in the media.

His ability to entertain a large crowd by himself is another thing that I think is incredibly inspiring.

Ed Sheeran’s website is here www.edsheeran.com


(Written by Ruby Eastwood)