Chris Woods – Guitarist


Chris Woods is a super cool percussive acoustic guitar player who tours all over the world and brings people together for his ‘Guitar Revolution’ which is ACE! He’s played Glastonbury and records as ‘Chris Woods Groove’ and ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’.  Check out his website for some fantastic tunes and serious guitar shenanigans here



So Chris, onto the nitty gritty…


1.  Where were you born?



2. Where did you grow up?

Devon and Cornwall mainly


3. What jobs have you had? (Any jobs before you became an artist/musician etc) 

I worked in McDonalds, worked on a building site…this and that. But after university Ive been lucky enough to work in music as a player, composer, educator and organiser.


4. What got you started? 

Denver the last dinosaur, was my fave cartoon character growing up, he had a fluorescent pink guitar, so really he was my inspiration. After that it was my step dad who showed me my first few chords.


5. How old were you when you started? 

I was inspired top pick up a guitar at very young age…around 8. Although I properly started playing around 15. I had dabbled before then, but at about 15 I suddenly went crazy on guitar!


6. Did you do any training? Where did you study?  

I did got to university to study music, but in reality that was only down to audition. I don’t have any grades, Im not a ‘reader’ etc I just play, create and search out new things to listen to and learn from. university was inspirational to me…but really most learning has been done by me exploring, even at university.


7. What was the first piece of work you did? 

I guess right from the beginning I have created short compositions. so I guess my first piece of work would have been something from when I was a teenager. 


8. What piece of work are you proudest of? 

Im not sure I can say Im proud of my work, I know that sounds strange. I take pride in doing it but whether I look back and say Im proud, Im not sure? I feel happy when I look back at the experiences I’ve had and when it comes to projects like ‘Guitar revolution’ I feel happy I did something that really bought people together. But not sure if Im proud…just happy to have done it 🙂


9. What are you best known for?

I guess playing Guitar, and approaching things in a creative way.


10.What do you like most about your art form? 

The fact that its reaches everyone, all cultures, all genders, all ages, everyone…


11. What are you working on now? 

I’m working on a new album which is going to be focused on guitar orchestras!


12. Describe your favourite kind of working day. 

Composing…a day of getting creative.


13. Who were your arts inspirations growing up?

I guess 90’s hip-hop was around me a lot at that time. just the general ‘rap’ thing was always grabbing my attention

14. Who are your arts inspirations now?
I listen to lots of stuff. I’m quite inspired by new technogies and ways of thinking, ideas like the modular google phone inspired a recent project called ‘orchestral evolution’…but musician wise, I love a lot of modern instrumental stuff like Portico Quartet.

 15. What top tip would you give to someone starting out in your artform? 

Work on the things that make you, you. Don’t try to ‘be’ or ‘play’ exactly like someone else, learn from others and let ‘you’ shine through – the world needs more ‘you’ and less ‘someone else’.