Boo Hewerdine – Singer/Songwriter/Producer



Boo Hewerdine is a brilliant singer songwriter, who, as well as writing and performing great songs, is a thoroughly good egg.

Boo’s also an in demand songwriter for people like Sia, K.D Lang, Kris Drever (Lau), Duke Special, David McAlmont, and Eddi Reader.

Check out his website for his songs and upcoming tour dates, or do a search on him to check out the GAZILLION songs he’s written!


So Boo, onto the nitty gritty…


1. Where were you born?

Hammersmith, London


2. Where did you grow up?

Edgware, North London and Cambridge


3. What jobs have you had? (Any jobs before you became an artist/musician etc)

Record shop, record warehouse, shoe shop, bar work, waiting, photo retouching factory…


4. What got you started?

I always made up songs in my head as a kid…

I started late on guitar.

Just so I could play my songs.


5. How old were you when you started?

I didn’t learn guitar till I was 17/18 and joined bands but I was always making up songs.


6. Did you do any training? Where did you study?

No training. I wanted piano lessons but it never happened.


7. What was the first piece of work you did?

The first ever thing on a record was called Elements and Innocence. I was in a band called The Great Divide. I still remember the excitement.


8. What piece of work are you proudest of?

So many!! Usually last thing I did. Not so much proud as pleased I did good work.  Maybe producing Eddi Reader Sing The Songs Of Robert Burns.  It led to many adventures.


9. What are you best known for?

Writing songs I guess


10. What do you like most about your art form?

The chance to be creative all day!


11. What are you working on now?

Touring with Chris Difford of Squeeze – a show that’s part song part spoken word


12. What top tip would you give to someone starting out in your artform?

Diversify. Keep yourself creatively challenged.


Thanks Boo!