Welcome to SongStarz! Now a musical for schools FREE! until Dec 2020!

‘SongStarz – The Musical’ is the first of the SongStarz musicals and follows the adventures of Lola, Issy and Cass as they enter the SongStarz competition where all is not as it seems.

It’s adapted from the first two books in the forthcoming series from F.T.Gibbet (a.k.a Fiona Lily),  following university research into adapting works to meet the needs of secondary schools in the 21st century and has been piloted to great response.

We’re passionate about arts in schools here at SongStarz, so, as well as the FULL SongStarz – Musical for Schools, we’ve also created…

SongStarz – The Live Show – a shorter version of the full musical for schools who are pushed for rehearsal time


SongStarz – Songwriters Showcase – which has more focus on singing than acting.

These will also be FREE! until end 2020.

Song and Backdrop Montage…

Full resources.

For schools with a number of students who would be interested in writing and performing their own songs, as well as the digital backdrops, simple lead sheets and director’s notes and karaoke videos etc that come with each musical, we’re also making songwriting resources FREE! to schools for each musical till 2020 (ready September 2018), to help you help your students write their own songs – maybe even perform them in the musical!

So, whether you want to stage the FULL musical production that’s been created ESPECIALLY FOR SCHOOLS or you want to stage something with high impact on a smaller scale, or you want your students writing and performing their own songs, there’s an option for you.

Oh, and before we forget, we’re proud to support Arts Award, so, if you want to support your students in doing Arts Award (www.artsaward.org), resources have been created by an Arts Award Advisor especially for SongStarz, to help you support your students through their Bronze and Silver Awards – you don’t have to be doing Arts Award to do the musical, but the resources are there if you want to make use of them and it’s a great way to help your students explore and develop involvement with the arts.

Get to know the SongStarz team, judges and contestants in the ‘Characters’ section, but don’t forget there’s a whole host of characters away from the bright SongStarz lights; like Magda, the Cutie Catz guardian. McManus and the Major and Jones who’ll turn you into SPAM! soon as look at you.

SongStarz Beginnings audio book and book are out soon too so watch this space…

email us at musical@songstarz.com for more info… chop chop! as Gustav would say!